Interested in working with us? I am always looking for capable, dedicated, and self-motivated students to involve in my research. Multiple funded positions are available for both Ph.D. and undergraduate students. Please read the following directions before contacting me. You can take a look at NMSU campus at NMSU Gallery.

Prospective Students

Ph.D. Student Recruitment:
Multiple PhD openings are available in my group. Student from CS/EE or related majors with one of the following expertises/interests are welcome to apply: (I) computer system/network security, (II) cyber-physical system or IoT design/analysis, (III) wireless communications or signal processing, (IV) adversarial machine learning. Please feel free to email me your CV and transcripts if you are interested.

Prospective Undergraduate Students:
For students at NMSU, if you would like to do some researching reasoning and gain hands-on experience on cybersecurity, you can take my courses or carefully review my homepage to have a feeling about my current and future research topics. If you are still interested in working with me, you're welcome to contact me with your résumé and transcripts.